Fried Calamari $ 65
calamari rings ​​with jalapeno slices and a chipotle and marinara sauce and lemon

Coconut Shrimp $ 65
served with mango sauce

Gambas al ajillo $ 65
shrimps served in extra virgin olive oil,
sliced ​​garlic and chile guajillo

Mushroom Crostinis $ 45
small slices of grilled toasted bread with mushroom topping with goat cheese

Tomato Basil Crostinis $ 45
small slices of grilled or toasted bread with tomate, basil topping and Parmesan cheese


Classic Caesar Salad $ 65
with chicken $ 75
with Shrimp $ 85

Beet Salad $ 65
with arugula and parmesan cheese, caramelized walnuts with vinaigrette

Cucumber Salad $ 65
Cucumber, sherry tomatoes, beans yellow corn, cilantro and pecorino cheese

Arugula Salad $ 65
Arugula, pear, walnuts, crunchy bacon and ricotta cheese

Dinner Plates

Mahi-mahi mango $130
Dorado fillet baked with a walnut crust and mango salsa

Grilled chicken $125
Slices of grilled chicken breast served with Dijon mustard sauce, sautéed vegetables and mashed potatoes

Steak Frites $160
New York cut with French fries, Brussels sprouts and green pepper sauce

Pork Chop $145
with prune sauce, vegetables and mashed potatoes

Served with garlic bread and dinner salad

Spaghetti al pomodoro $ 95
prepared with olive oil, fresh tomatoes and basil
with chicken $115
with Shrimp $125

Bucatini a la Amatriciana $110
thick spaghetti-like pasta with a hole running through the center, pancetta, onions, fresh tomatoes, pecorino cheese

Linguine pasta with mussels  $130
in white wine sauce with olive oil and garlic


Chocolate lava cake $65
Vanilla crème Brule with blackberries $55
Apple pie $55
Vanilla ice cream and chocolate $55

Bar Menu

White Wine

Glass Bottle
Concha Toro
Sauvignon Blanc $45 $160

Red Wine

Glass Bottle
Concha & Toro
Cabernet Sauvignon $45 $160
Las Moras
Malbec $50 $180
Casillero del Diablo
Cabernet Sauvignon $65 $260

Corona / Corona Light $20
Pacifico $20

Soft Drinks & Coffee
Coca Cola/ light / Mineral Water $15
Soft Drinks & Water $15
Coffee $15
Cappucino / Latte $30

Cazadores $60
Herradura Antiguo $60
Cuervo Tradicional $50
Herradura Reposado $70
Herradura Añejo $80
Don Julio $80


Margaritas $55
Piña Colada $65
Cuba Libre $45
Vodka / Gin Tonic $45

Campari $55
Kahlua $55
Bailey’s $55
Chinchon Seco $55
Don Pedro Brandy $55
Torres 10 $55
Oso Negro Gin $45
London Dry Gin $55
Bombay Sapphire $70

Ron Bacardi Blanco $45
Ron Añejo $60

Oso Negro Vodka $45
Stolichnaya $65
Smirnoff $65

Jack Daniels $60
Bulleit Rye $60
Bulleit Bourbon $60
Johnny Walker Red $60

This year begins our 9th season serving the greater Jaltemba Bay community. Chef Jesus Castillo returns for a second year assisted by Sous Chef Christian Amaro. As we begin the season we'll be adding new dishes and specials to the menu, in the meantime we’re beginning with lower inventories and apologize in advance for any dish that runs out sooner. It’s our privilege to continue to serve you.